Weapons in the Workplace
Weapons in the Workplace

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Weapons in the Workplace


The purpose of this Policy is to protect the health and safety of all associates, visitors, contractors, and guests at all Company locations or third-party job sites at which Company personnel are working.


This Policy applies to all associates of the Company at all Company locations or third-party jobsites at which Company personnel are working.


RPM International Inc. (“RPM”) strictly prohibits, and requires that all its affiliates (collectively with RPM, the “Company”) strictly prohibit, all associates, visitors, contractors and guests, from possessing weapons of any kind at any Company location as well as prohibit Company representatives from possessing weapons of any kind at a third-party jobsite at which Company personnel are working. Unless this prohibition is contrary to state or local law, this restriction specifically includes Company parking areas. In addition, associates are not permitted to transport or store weapons in vehicles owned or leased by the Company and used by the associate for work purposes. There are no permissible exceptions to this Policy unless approved in advance and in writing by a Group President or RPM’s General Counsel. This Policy prohibits the possession of concealed weapons as well as weapons carried openly.

This prohibition specifically includes guns, rifles and firearms of any type, including those for which the holder has a legal permit. Other examples of prohibited weapons include, but are not limited to, knives, ammunition, bombs, bows and arrows, clubs, slingshots, blackjacks, metal knuckles and similar devices that by their design or intended use are capable of inflicting serious bodily injury or lethal force.

All associates must report any violations of this Policy immediately to a supervisor, any member of management, Human Resources, any member of the Environmental Health and Safety team, Legal and Compliance department, or call RPM’s hotline.


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